“My Best Friend’s Wedding” fans had their little prayers answered on Thursday when Entertainment Weekly revealed its cover for its first rom-com issue featuring the film’s stars Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett.

For the those unfamiliar with the 1997 movie, it follows Julianne (Roberts), who tries to sabotage the wedding of her bestie Michael (Mulroney) and his fiancée (Diaz). The movie went on to become a box office smash, netting nearly $300 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

During their reunion, the cast dished on some juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits while filming in Chicago during the summer of 1996. Everett, who played Julianne’s gay best friend George, said he was initially reluctant to take on the role.

“When I got the part, it was literally two lines in the script,” Everett said. “And so I came in with quite a bad attitude, in a way. What was the point, I thought.”

But director P.J. Hogan expanded Everett’s role, and Everett said that “it was a complete changing point for me.”

“Everybody clicked on screen straightaway, and you could feel that. And for me, it was magical,” Everett said. “The last time I saw it, it kind of made me cry just thinking of how magic that time was, that summer.”

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