A member of a drug gang called a ‘jolly big man’ in court was jailed for nearly 20 years after he was arrested with £2.4million of cocaine hidden inside empty shoe boxes.

Sean O’Neill, of Hattersley, Greater Manchester, was part of a ‘Breaking Bad’ style plot that involved a Hungarian chemist to produce and distribute £3million worth of Crystal Meth. 

Former doorman O’Neill was picked up by police on the M6 after they enforced a ‘rolling road block’ to stop his black Citroen van that was laden with 30kg of high purity cocaine stashed inside the boxes.

O’Neill and his wife Jennifer O’Neill – who had five children together – were jailed for their part in the plot, alongside Gary O’Regan, 34, Paul Higginson, 40, Patrick Warde, 52, and Darren Gill, 27.

O’Neill and his 13 year marriage to his wife is now over, Manchester Crown Court heard. 

The court was told group travelled across the UK collecting cocaine and heroin, from destinations in Lncashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, parts of the North east, and Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

O’Reagan, who police said was the gang ringleader, enlisted the help of a Hungarian pharmacist, a convicted gangland assassin and an industrial chemicals expert to install a secret narcotics factory just like that which featured in the hit TV drama Breaking Bad.          

O’Regan who had only just been freed from jail for narcotics trafficking, flew in the chemist from Germany, put him up in a hotel and even took him to watch Manchester United in a Premier League match whilst getting his expertise in building the lab and ‘cooking’ the drugs.

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