Turning the table on his hosting role as he likes to do, Last Week Tonight frontman John Oliver dropped into The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert about the current U.S. presidency and the situation with Brexit in Oliver’s homeland.

Colbert began the interview, which he referred to as Oliver’s “annual check-up,” with a loving joke. “I know that your work is incredibly hard, because look at you, you’re decaying before our eyes.” Colbert was referencing the trajectory of Oliver’s hair color, which has gone from black to “salt and pepper.”

Asked what he thinks of the “current political reality,” Oliver thought for a moment and said, “Our last show was trying to work out why the world is shifting to the right…” The two hosts quickly moved to a conversation about President Trump, who is halfway through his presidency. As Colbert remarked, “The end is in sight,” Oliver piped in with a dose of reality. “We are 2-6 years away from the end of his presidency,” he said matter-of-factly.

Oliver went on to add, “We all have a finish line that we can try and stumble over and have someone say, you really shouldn’t have done that.”

On the same topic, Colbert exclaimed that everyone just has to “stay alive” during the Trump-era. “I think that’s what we all have to do, all of us, especially Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” replied Oliver, alluding to the importance of the 85-year-old Justice of the Supreme Court.

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