It was all fun and games until viewers called in with questions about Kanye’s Twitter rants and Legend’s appearance in the controversial ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend appeared as guests on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night, where they indulged the host in playing a set of rapid-fire games.

Quizzed about the “secret imperfections” in their relationship, Cohen asked Teigen what the most disgusting mess is that her husband has left around the house. She responded with a laugh, “At that Airbnb in Malibu, you puked on the walls and I had to pull your pants down for you to go pee.”

The sexiest thing Teigen has ever eaten in bed was revealed to be “burritos, pasta and Jack-in-the-Box.” On the subject of dirty pictures, Legend revealed his mistrust of the internet — he doesn’t put his head in many photos that he sends to Teigen. 

When pressed about their “major blowout” at Kim and Kanye’s wedding, Teigen admitted she was “really intimidated” by all the “fabulous and amazing people in one room.” Legend jumped in and reminded his wife that she’s also really amazing and fabulous. 

Cohen asked the couple if they would ever consider doing a variety show, to which Legend responded, “We might, we would…”

On a more serious note, a viewer question focused on what the couple think of Kanye’s Twitter rants. Legend said, “I just shake my head like a lot of people who love Kanye and his music. He owns it and says what he’s going to say.” Teigen added, “All you want to do is protect the person you love, but as much as you love somebody, they’re going to F-up sometimes and do weird things.”

Another viewer asked why Legend agreed to appear in Surviving R. Kelly when so many other musical artists declined, to which he responded, “The reason why I did it is, I’m friends with the director, Dream Hampton, and I respect her work a lot. Another reason is that I have good friends who were part of the R. Kelly movement. They work with rape victims in Chicago. I knew that I could lend my voice to these people who have been hurt.”

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