Tokyo: A rocket carrying a satellite on a mission to deliver the world’s first artificial meteor shower blasted into space on Friday. A start-up in Tokyo developed the micro-satellite for the celestial show over Hiroshima early next year as the initial experiment for what it calls a “shooting stars on demand” service. The satellite is to release tiny balls that glow brightly as they hurtle through the atmosphere, simulating a meteor shower.  AFP

Saturn’s rings are younger than planet itself

Washington: Saturn’s rings are younger than scientists thought and appeared within the last 10 to 100 million years, according to research based on findings from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. The sixth planet from the Sun formed about 4.5 billion years ago and spent the bulk of its existence without the characteristic rings it is known for today. Astronomers have long believed the rings could be young, and perhaps formed by collisions between the moons of Saturn or by a comet that shattered in close proximity to the planet.  AFP

Tulsi Gabbard apologises for LGTBQ remarks

Washington: Democratic presidential aspirant Tulsi Gabbard apologised on Thursday for her past remarks that were critical of the LGBTQ community, saying now she has a commitment to fight for their rights. In the past, she “forcefully defended” her father who was fighting against gay rights and marriage equality in Hawaii. She said: “In my past I said and believed things that were wrong, and worse, hurtful to the LGBTQ community… I apologised for my words and, more importantly, for the negative impact that they had.” PTI

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