He was tipped for Oscar glory after starring in The Front Runner, a film which centres upon US politician Gary Hart’s infamous 1988 sex scandal.   

But while Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the former presidential candidate may be critically acclaimed, the actor admits he was nervous about facing Gary, 82, in real life. 

‘I’ve never played anyone alive before so I was pretty nervous about it. I have to admit. Meeting Gary was nerve-racking,’ he told The Sunday Telegraph this weekend.  

‘Part of me was very nervous to play him because this was a very difficult time in his life,’ Hugh confessed, explaining that he feared the movie may bring back painful memories for the senator.  

‘I was worried what it might be like for him to publicly relive it,’ the Wolverine star said.  

Luckily, Hugh’s fears didn’t come to fruition as Gary has well and truly moved on with his life, having recently celebrated his 60-year wedding anniversary.  

Colorado Senator Gary Hart was considered the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination.

However, an extramarital affair sidelined his bid in what was considered the first time tabloid journalism and political journalism merged. 

While the film was touted as Oscar bait, it did not receive any Golden Globe nominations and was bested by films such as A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody.

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