A preview for Bachelor In Paradise’s reunion episode shows Ivan Krslovic breaking down in tears after being confronted by former flame Tenille Favios.

It appears to be the first time that the pair have crossed paths since filming the series, in which Ivan was criticised for his ‘possessive’ behaviour towards the brunette.

Tenille also appears to be emotional in the teaser, fighting back tears as she says: ‘He didn’t even talk to me for three days.’

A misty-eyed Ivan is then shown saying: ‘I tried really hard to be, like, a light.’

Another scene shows Tenille being questioned about the status of her relationship with Nathan Favro.

Elsewhere, Alisha Aitken-Radburn confronts the wishy-washy Jules Bourne.

‘I was in love with you!’ she snaps. ‘And I need some sort of line that’s gonna let me get past this.’

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