He’s the funnyman and father-of-two who has signed on as the host of Nine’s upcoming game show Lego Masters.

Hamish Blake will oversee eight teams as they compete to win a staggering $100,000 cash prize.

And in The Daily Telegraph’s BW magazine on Saturday, the 37-year-old said that while the concept might sound boring, it’s actually far from the case.

Hamish said that while it’s a fair question for viewers to ask how the show could be enticing, it’s actually ‘far more interesting than you would think it would be.’

‘There’s so much happening,’ he insisted. ‘I think when people watch the show that question will answer itself.’

‘You’re tracing people’s battle of trying to imagine something and then pulling it off,’ Hamish added.

Nine’s upcoming game show, to occur on a live set, will see contestants going from the Brick Pit to their building stations, as they attempt to create a visual masterpiece.

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