Marina Diamandis was once so hungry for fame that she studied Madonna’s climb to the top and subscribed to entertainment bible The Stage because it was the magazine that launched The Spice Girls.

A solo star who performed as Marina And The Diamonds, she emerged in 2010 and fulfilled her ambitions just two years later when her second album, Electra Heart, topped the charts by mixing bubblegum electronics and break-up tales.

Success didn’t pan out as she expected, though. Despite hitting No. 1, the Welsh-Greek singer from Pandy, near Abergavenny in South Wales, never became a household name.

Too enigmatic to be the next Britney Spears, she found herself stuck in the middle, between glossy pop and more credible, indie-orientated styles.

She was also unhappy with her brash public image, and Electra Heart was followed by 2015’s introspective Froot.

She has now ditched the Diamonds to perform simply as Marina, and is taking stock.

‘I carry along a feel of unease/I want to belong like the birds in the trees,’ she sings on recent single Handmade Heaven.

‘This life don’t suit me any more.’ Handmade Heaven features on her latest release, Love, an eight-song collection out now that is the first instalment of a two-part project, Love + Fear.

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