Channel Seven shocked viewers on Friday when it aired a distressing sexual assault scene during its midday movie.

In the film An Officer and a Murderer, a young mother is shown being viciously restrained and blindfolded on a bed by a male intruder.

The film is rated M, but as it was broadcast between 12pm and 3pm on a school day, it does not appear to breach the commercial television Code Of Practice.

In the confronting footage, a young woman puts her baby in her cot and goes to sleep on a bed nearby.

The intruder creeps into the room and pushes the woman’s face into a pillow. The terrified woman is told, ‘Don’t fight, do what I say!’ by the angry assailant.

He ties the woman up and blindfolds her, before filming himself lying next to her on the bed.

The disturbing scene continues as the fully clothed man is shown cutting the woman’s pyjama bottoms off with a knife as she weeps.

The assailant then takes photos of the frightened woman – who is clad in her underwear – and threatens to kill her if she takes off her blindfold before he leaves.

The 2012 movie is based the true story of military officer Russell Williams, who was convicted of brutal crimes against women including rape, abduction and murder.

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