A newly unveiled airline seat is being tipped as the seat Emirates will install in its first ever premium economy cabin.

Design firm Haeco Cabin Solutions showcased its new Eclipse seat at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, explaining that it’s for ‘long-haul premium economy’ and that its launch customer would be a ‘Middle Eastern-based airline’ who will begin flying it in 2020.

Given that last year Dubai-based Emirates announced that it would be launching a premium economy class cabin from 2020, aviation websites have been putting two and two together.

For example, Simple Flying wrote: ‘There is probable cause to believe it could be Emirates.

‘The airline is known to be implementing premium economy in the future, and this seat fits that mission.

‘In fact, the seat represents a good middle ground between the carrier’s economy and business cabins.’

When approached by MailOnline Travel, Emirates refused to comment.

According to Haeco Cabin Solutions, the Eclipse seat has an innovative layout and design and could be also used for short-haul business class travel.

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