A new generation of devices featuring a host of clever features will make conventional alarm systems obsolete. We review four of the best

The days of alarms and floodlights being the only choice for home security are behind us with the growing availability of more intelligent and flexible options, such as smart cameras.

Placed outside or within the home, these internet-connected cameras offer a live view of what’s happening from practically anywhere, send alerts when they detect motion – and some can even recognise friend from foe. They promise full control and piece of mind through your smartphone, tablet or smart display.

If something suspicious is happening, you can fire off an alarm, alert the police or even shout at the intruder straight through the camera, all while recording their every move.

Ring Floodlight Cam


The Ring Floodlight Cam combines, as the name might suggest, two articulated LED floodlights and a camera in one device, which make it perfect for replacement of traditional security lights in the back garden.

Larger and more capable than its battery-driven siblings, the Floodlight Cam comes in black or white but requires wiring into the mains, most probably by an electrician. Once that hurdle is overcome, setup is straightforward using the Ring app on a smartphone or tablet.

You can activate a live stream at any time through the app, but it’s the motion-activated smart alerts that are the main draw. You can set motion zones, filter alerts by size of object or just people, the time of day or day of the week.

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