The latest teaser for Channel Seven’s ‘controversial experiment’ The Super Switch introduces the first confirmed couple of the season,┬áJustin Ryland and Neesha Macleod.

Justin labels the brunette ‘clingy and needy,’ before the pair put their relationship to the test by swapping partners with another couple.

‘With Neesha, the things that bother me are the clinginess, the neediness,’ he says.

‘It’s the last thing you want, someone smothering you,’ he adds, before mentioning that he thinks Neesha should ‘be at home with the kids.’

Chatting to his mates at the pub, he then described his fashion designer girlfriend as a ‘typical female’, saying that she ‘whinges [and] nags.’

His comments are then played back to Neesha and the rest of the cast, leaving her in tears.

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