Former Bachelor star Matthew Johnson will join radio station Nova permanently after his successful two-week summer stint with the station.

The former marketing manager, 31, will appear as a regular fixture alongside Matt De Groot and Sarah McGilvray on a Saturday breakfast show.

The first time father-to-be said he needed the practice of getting up early ahead of the birth of his child with girlfriend, Laura Byrne, 32. 

‘If I’m going to be a good dad I need even more practice at dragging myself out of bed at an ungodly hour,’ he said in an official Nova announcement. 

Matty went on to make a joke about the ‘two infants’, the co-hosts he works with, lightheartedly saying that will make great training too.

Matty gained a legion of fans during his run on the popular radio network, especially after he interview his partner Laura on the show. 

The reality star also did a tenure at Sea FM last year. 

Meanwhile, Matty recently revealed he wants to name his firstborn ‘something crazy’.

‘I wanna call my child something crazy like Moon, or Phoenix, or River,’ he told co-hosts Sarah and Matt.   

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