An Australian photojournalist who was held hostage for more than a year by Somalian kidnappers has revealed how he managed to evade his captors.

Nigel Brennan was in 2008 taken hostage by Somalian rebels during a trip to the war-torn country to take photos with his colleague Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout.

‘I look back at it now and I think, you know, how did I ever survive that,’ Mr Brennan recalled on the latest episode of podcast¬†How I Survived.

He described how four days into his trip, the pair were intercepted by rebels as they travelled from the capital city of Mogadishu to a camp for displaced people.

About 5km outside of the city, Mr Brennan, Ms Lindhout and their crew were told the guards wouldn’t be completing the journey with them and they would go it alone.

Despite the risks, the group decided to continue their journey without security, but after a few more kilometres, they were ambushed by masked rebels at gunpoint.

‘I think my brain just completely switched off from the shock because I was acutely aware something was wrong but couldn’t compute quick enough,’ he said.

Mr Brennan said the group of five were then driven to a compound where he and Ms Lindhout were separated from the others and interrogated.

He said four men questioned them and accused the pair of being spies – it was at this point, Mr Brennan realised he and his fellow journalist had been kidnapped.

The photojournalist described how over the next few days the shock of the kidnapping finally started to set in as he progressed through various stages of grief.

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