A healthy nurse has been praised by hundreds of people online after she spent the day with a nasal gastric tube – just so she could better empathise with her patients.

Dorcas Boamah, 27, often has to insert nasogastric (NG) tubes into her patients’ noses, which then go down the back of their throats and into their stomachs.

Patients often find this daunting and ask Ms Boamah what it is like – with her being unable to give them an honest answer. 

Determined to be more truthful with her patients, Ms Boamah – who works at Royal Free Hospital – had a colleague fit the invasive tube on January 7.

Ms Boamah then wore the tube all day before catching two trains and a bus home, and even went out for dinner – attracting cruel stares from strangers. 

After posting a picture of herself with the NG tube on Instagram – which has got nearly 800 likes – ‘the incredible nurse’ claims it has helped her be better at her job. 

Speaking of why she had the tube fitted, Ms Boamah said: ‘I just wanted to see how it felt. Now I know so I can go back to my patients and tell them what they can expect.

‘I wanted to put myself in my patients’ shoes.

‘Often patients old and young will need an NG tube, and many of them are nervous.’

NG tubes are fitted to deliver liquid food, as well as fluids and medication, if it is unsafe for the patient to take them via the mouth. 

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