John Legend has described him as a “serial” abuser, Lady Gaga has apologised for working with him and Neyo says there’s “no excuse” not to “mute R Kelly”.

For 20 years, the Ignition (Remix) singer has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct – with many of the stories alleging he preyed on teenage girls.

But the singer has never been convicted and denies any wrongdoing.

R Kelly’s big hits are still played by DJs across the world, he has a huge fan base and he’s considered one of the biggest stars in R&B.

The programme outlined allegations from various women who say they were victims of abuse by R Kelly.

As well as Lady Gaga, the claims have also prompted artists such as Chance the Rapper and French band Phoenix to apologise for working with him.

While Omarion, whose group B2K had some of their biggest hits produced by R Kelly, said the band will no longer perform songs written by the singer.

It’s led to a renewed focus on the campaign to “Mute R Kelly” – which calls for a boycott of his music and concerts.

It was launched in 2017 after other claims were made against the star and gained momentum last year when famous faces such as director Ava DuVernay and singer Janelle Monae came out to support the movement.

However, several famous people have now spoken out against him following the release of a six-part documentary called Surviving R Kelly – which has been shown on US channel Lifetime.


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