Cooking pork to 63°C is best for juiciness, tenderness and flavour, according to scientists.

Average consumers consistently rated pork cooked to 63°C (145°F) as superior to joints cooked to 71 °C (160°F), and 82°C (180°F) in a new study.

This was irrespective of the ‘quality’ of the meat or its pH, long thought to be important factors to taste.

The latest study confirmed results previously carried out by trained taste testers that temperature was the most important factor in making delicious pork chops.

A previous study using trained taste-testers showed that pork chops cooked to 63 degrees were rated as tasting better, and the current test replicated this using average consumers.

They were asked to rate based on rate juiciness, tenderness, flavor, and overall acceptability of pork after tasting chops cooked to 63°C (145°F), 71 °C (160°F), and 82°C (180°F).

Other factors that have long been thought to influence taste include the ‘quality’ of the meat, which the researchers described as a cut’s ‘degree of colour and marbling’

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