Footage shows what a self-driving car ‘sees’ as it navigates past cyclists, pedestrians and how it anticipates the unpredictable behaviour of children.

Using a test vehicle, the technology can predict the path of a cyclist and slow down while overtaking to overtake a parked van to allow them to pass.

The car perceives the cyclist’s path and recognise any point of collision, which it sees as a red dotted line, which resembles a bridge.

Formerly¬†Google’s self-driving car project – Waymo has released two videos of what information its tech is getting back from moving through a complex environment.

Object detection is a two-part process, image classification and then image localisation.

Image classification is determining what objects are, like a person, while image localisation is providing their specific location, seen as the boxes in the footage.

The video shows an aerial view of the car driving down a road and how it differentiates between obstacles, for example, it sees a tall, red box as a cyclist.

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