Sunrise weather presenter, Sam Mac, snubbed Triple J breakfast host, Liam Stapleton, on Monday.

During a segment on Sunrise, the Channel Seven personality was asked how he spent his birthday and he failed to mention Liam by name, despite celebrating with the radio host at the Sydney Kings NBL game. 

‘Did you have a nice birthday?’ Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage asked.

Sam replied:¬†‘I did actually. I went to the basketball on Saturday, my friends organised tickets.’

‘I was literally courtside, front row. And you know how in NBA they have Jay-Z and Beyonc√©, it was myself and my friend who no one’s heard of. We were the NBL equivalent of the celebrity row.’

Despite Liam sharing a photo of the outing to Instagram and even tagging Sam, the weatherman failed to mention his friend’s name.

‘Courtside in Australia vs America,’ Liam captioned. 

Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles raised the issue during an appearance on Sunrise, after hearing Liam complain on-air on Triple J Breakfast with Liam Stapleton and Ben Harvey.

‘Happy Birthday, by the way. You were court side at the basketball weren’t you?’ Reuben asked.

‘I was, yeah,’ Sam replied.

Reuben then asked, ‘How’d you get that ticket?’

‘I know some people in TV and they couldn’t get any real celebrities to sit in the front, so I went,’ he explained.

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