The NHS has launched a TV advert encouraging people to phone 111 or visit the website if they feel unwell instead of going straight to a doctor or hospital.

Its entertaining ‘Help Us Help You’ commercial shows a man with stomach pain being given conflicting advice by different medical staff in his imagination.

Health officials hope the new online service will direct people to the right type of medical care instead of people going straight to A&E unnecessarily.

The advert comes as cold weather has arrived in Britain and the NHS faces extra pressures over the winter. 

In the 30 second video, a man is sat on his sofa suffering from stomach pain when he imagines himself as a surgeon rushing into the room telling him: ‘This is an emergency,’ while washing his hands in the fish tank.

A doctor – also the same man – appears beside him on the sofa munching an apple and says: ‘It’s probably nothing, we don’t want to waste anybody’s time’.

He then appears as a nurse, using a laptop and telling him his pain could be indigestion or an exploding appendix.

The patient then becomes overwhelmed by the medical blabbering before he turns to the NHS 111 app on his phone.

People can now use the 111 website – – for official advice on how to get medical help, or phone 111. 

Both ask questions about their symptoms and some personal information like age, sex and location, to work out how they can best be treated.

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