Many cat owners will tell you that their feline friends understand them and scientists have now confirmed that domestic cats recognise their names when spoken.

Researchers in Japan discovered that pet cats are able to tell their names apart from other words.

Experts found that commonly spoken words will catch a cat’s attention, but this fades the more you speak to them.

However, their interest perks up again when hearing their name spoken after a string of words.

Cats learn to recognise their names because it is one of the words most commonly directed at them by their owners, researchers suggest.

Their name may be associated with rewards such as food, petting or play time, or unwelcoming events like a bath or trip to the vet, experts say.

Evolutionary psychologist Atsuko Saito of Japan’s Sophia University and colleagues from the University of Tokyo and the RIKEN Center for Brain Science in Hirowara are behind the study.

Researchers tested the reactions of 78 domestic cats who either lived in ordinary households or a ‘cat cafe’, establishments where visitors pay to spend time with our feline friends.

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