This World Sleep Day, Know The Many Ways How Lack Of Sleep Is Harming You

This World Sleep Day, know how lack of sleep can reduce your sex drive, cause depression and even cause weight gain!

You might never realise it, but lack of sleep for even a single day can impact your health in a negative. March 15 is observed as World Sleep Day, and the very observation of a day dedicated to importance of sleep signifies how important it is for your overall health. When you don’t sleep sufficiently, you are likely to feel grumpy, moody, tired and stressed. It can affect your work performance, making it difficult for you to focus. What’s more is that lack of sleep can put at risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even depression.

How much sleep do you need in a day?

Ideally, an 8-hour sleep is required to function properly. However, this may be different for everyone, depending on the level of physical activity. In case you wake up tired every day and feel the need of taking a nap the entire day, it is a sign that you are not getting sleep.

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On the occasion of World Sleep Day, we talk about the many health hazards of lack of good night’s sleep. Keep reading…

1. Lack of sleep can dumb you down

When it comes to thinking and learning, your sleep plays an important role. Insufficient sleep can affect your cognitive process. It can have a negative impact on your attention paying skills, concentration, reasoning, alertness and problem solving skills. You may find it difficult to learn efficiently when you are not getting enough sleep on a daily basis.

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