How tobacco giants pushed Capri Sun and Kool-Aid on kids: Report reveals Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds used the cigarette marketing playbook to promote sugar-laden drinks as ‘good for children’

Big Tobacco companies bought up sugary drink companies – and they used the same tactics that made cigarettes appeal to children to get them to want soda and juice, a new study reveals.

The same additives used in cigarettes to control their color and flavor work in beverages, tobacco executives realized.

A new University of California, San Francisco, study uses secret documents bequeathed to the school as part of lawsuit to follow the insidious marketing plans Big Tobacco used to sell children fattening drinks.

The study serves as evidence that Big Tobacco plays an out-sized role in not one but two of the biggest health epidemics in the US: smoking and obesity.

Growing scientific evidence suggests that the earlier children start drinking sugary beverages, the more likely they are to become overweight and/or diabetic.

Over 18 percent of American youth are estimated to be obese, raising their risks of chronic disease and premature death.

That isn’t much less than the 29 percent of high school seniors that reported smoking daily in 1976.

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