Spotify users have reported a worrying new trend where bands they’ve never listened to or heard of are popping up in their listening history.

The artists tend to have few tracks on their profile, but the songs that have been uploaded are typically short and mostly instrumental, while their album art appears to be generic. 

Experts have indicated the issue could be a result of a security flaw, according to the BBC. 

Some of the artists that are believed to be phonies include Bergenulo Five, DJ Echores and DJ Bruej, among others. 

As of today, all of the artists had been removed from Spotify, but user complaints of the suspicious activity continue to stream in on Twitter. 

The BBC noted that aside from the generic songs and album covers, the artists don’t appear to have any online presence, like concert dates, websites or photos of the musicians themselves.  

Still, some of the artists claim to have thousands of listeners, leading many to believe they’re also profiting off the scheme. 

Callum Dixon, a cybersecurity graduate, told the BBC that the strange phenomenon could be due to bad actors taking advantage of ‘access tokens.’ 

Access tokens work as digital keys, letting those who hold them log into Spotify accounts without entering a password. 

Similar to other sites, Spotify allows users to log into their account with their Facebook credentials. 

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