A sneak peek of the child assassin thriller has been launched by Amazon for one day only – and she’s like a lethal baby Bourne. Catch it while you can

Last February Netflix announced sci-fi pseudo-sequel The Cloverfield Paradox during the 52nd Super Bowl and promptly released the movie globally after the final whistle. It was a rug-pulling PR move that helped the streaming giant cut through all the absurdly expensive advertising that saturates the NFL smackdown, even if the quality of the final product was distinctly iffy.

This year, Amazon have stolen a leaf from the Netflix playbook by making the first episode of their new thriller series Hanna available worldwide to subscribers after the big game, albeit only for 24 hours. Despite its survivalist look and enchanted-forest fairytale overtones, Hanna is basically a spy show, so even that initial window adds a little extra “this message will self-destruct” spice. (The entire eight-episode season will be released next month.)

The show is based on the 2011 movie directed by Joe Wright and, in the opening episode at least, stays close to the source material. Hanna – played by Esme Creed-Miles, daughter of actors Samantha Morton and Charlie Creed-Miles – is a mindful young teen raised in a remote Polish forest by her symbolically sad-bearded father Erik (Joel Kinnaman), a former elite operative for a sketchy covert agency. In a nervy opening flashback to 2003, we see a clean-shaven Erik break baby Hanna out of a heavily-guarded Romanian facility, a seemingly improvised escape attempt that ends with a tragic death.

Cut to 15 years later and between barbecue dinners in their candlelit cave lair, Erik enforces a rigorous home-schooling regime of hand-to-hand combat, weapons training and survival techniques, complete with snowy Rocky IV-style training montage. Even though Hanna has never known anything other than life in the forest, she’s had spy craft drilled into her for years, from mastering multiple languages to memorising a plausible cover story.

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