A gruesome video shows a podiatrist chipping away at a build-up of cracked skin on the bottom of a patient’s foot.

Marion Yau, who names herself ‘Miss Foot Fixer’ on YouTube, said she loves treating hard skin and cracked heels.

Working at London’s Harley Street Foot and Nail Clinic, she gently scraped away at an unnamed female patient’s feet with tools for an hour.

Eventually the woman giggled at her touch, having had such a thick build-up of skin that her feet had become numb.

Miss Foot Fixer warned that, if left untreated for a long time, cracks can get so deep the feet can bleed, discharge or become infected.

The patient said she had been for a pedicure in the summer, a few months before, where they may have treated some of the dry skin.

However, after seeing Miss Foot Fixer, she said she would never return for a pedicure because ‘you don’t know how well’ they clean the tools and foot baths.

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