Walmart shoppers can now do some online shopping using just their voice.

The retail giant is partnering with Google to launch grocery shopping on any devices equipped with Google Assistant.

Walmart Voice Order is rolling out to consumers beginning this month, the company said today.

It’ll become available for users with Google Home devices, as well as Assistant-equipped smart displays, Android phones and iPhones.

‘Now you can simply say “OK Google, talk to Walmart” on any device with the Google Assistant to reorder your favorite O.J.,’ the company said.

After that, items will be immediately added to the user’s online shopping cart.

‘Best of all, customers can be extra confident that we can quickly and accurately identify the items they are asking for with the help of information from their prior purchases with us,’ Tom Ward, senior vice president of digital operations at Walmart, said in a statement.

‘The more you use it, the better we’ll get.’

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