Google’s flagship email service, Gmail, has resumed normal service after crashing for hundreds of users across the globe, leaving them unable to read their emails.

Customers complained that they had sign in issues and were presented with the pop up ‘Error 404’ message along with the picture of a broken robot.

DownDetector, the popular outage monitor app, reported that issues began around 11am GMT on both desktops and mobile apps.

They reportedly registered over 400 reports from users insisting Gmail was not working properly. 

Users around the UK and Europe appear to be most affected as the US remains asleep. 

A number of users took to Twitter to complain about the rare occurrence. 

Amit Khandelwall wrote: ‘ We are getting an error message on loading Gmail. Server crash?’

Joe Morris wrote: ‘The world is coming to an end. GMAIL is down.’ 

Mariella Besana tweeted: ‘So I wasn’t able to log in not because of the internet, not because of my gadget, and not because I entered a wrong password. But because GMAIL IS DOWN. I am kinda relieved then also worried at the same time right now. Yikes!’ 

Google said it was aware of the problem and would be posting updates as it attempted to fix it.  

‘We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users,’ the Gmail status page read. 

‘We will provide an update by 1/29/19, 12:50 PM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change.’

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