Gigi Hadid steps out with a unique hairstyle while leaving her hotel during LondonFashion Week.

The 23 year old model was spotted wearing the same unique hairstyle on Sunday night that she was wearing during her stint walking the runway at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week.

She was spotted wearing the same ensemble that she arrived at the Burberry show with, but kept the unique hair style from the show.

Hadid arrived at her hotel wearing a brown turtleneck tucked into light blue jeans, under a matching denim coat.

She also wore leopard print heels and black sunglasses, with a brown purse that matched her turtleneck hanging draped over her shoulder.

Her hair was tied back tightly in a bun, with strands of hair stylishly arranged on her forehead.

She showcased the unique hair during the Burberry show, where she wore a black and white mini-dress with black boots.

Most of the other female models at the Burberry show had their hair fashioned in a similar manner during the Sunday night show.

The model’s runway stint came just days after Valentine’s Day, the first one she’s had to spent without a significant in several years.

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