She suffered a terrible tumble on the ice which left her wheelchair-bound. 

Yet Gemma Collins attacked keyboard warriors who claimed she had faked blacking out on the rink as she pledged to make a comeback to Dancing on Ice on Sunday.

The GC, 37, insisted ‘nothing was going to stop’ her from making a triumphant return as she explained physiotherapy was ‘going well’ and she would be OK.

Gemma launched a scathing attack on the trolls who claimed she ‘faked’ the fall as she revealed she was in a lot of ‘pain’ with her knee.

She told The Sun: ‘It definitely wasn’t faked, one million per cent. If they knew the pain I am in with my knee, they would understand.

‘I didn’t fall, I passed out. I was just going and then, next thing, on the ground. What is scary is my teeth could have been smashed out.

‘It was so weird. I don’t think I tripped, I think I blacked out.’

From the physio chair, she said: ‘Be back Sunday guys, don’t worry nothing is going to stop me; your support is overwhelming and keeping me going physio is going well and will be OK.’ 

A bag of ice was placed on her injury to soothe the pain and bring down the swelling while she led out on the padded bed.

The Celebs Go Dating star convinced her 1.2million followers on Instagram that she was OK by flashing the peace sign to the camera.  

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