Vampire slayers, bootleggers, polygamists and the most evil villain since Satan … readers respond to our critics’ list with more brilliant binge-worthy TV we missed

  • The 30 best boxsets to watch before you die


I’m surprised by the omission of this. At a superficial level it is stunning, violent entertainment, but its study of how the development of apparently intelligent robots could dehumanise their creators makes it a philosophical speculative fiction of the highest order. Lostsock

Boardwalk Empire

Unjustly ended up playing second-fiddle in HBO’s schedule to Game of Thrones, but for me, Boardwalk Empire is/was one of the greatest shows of all time and well worth a binge-watch, truncated fifth season and all. I’d go as far as to say that this and the respective first series of anthology shows Fargo and True Detective have been the last “prestige” television that can hold a candle to programmes like the Sopranos or the Wire. SDSHEPP


Seriously, some love for Fargo is needed. Who else cuts from blood, snow and forest to angelic intervention in a bowling alley? Who else provides such sublime soundtracks, subtle characterisation and exquisite photography? Who else details the shift in crime from gangsters to corporate, who discusses the nature of truth and reality, who gives us Obadiah, Camus and Peter and the Wolf? The only TV I have seen that helps find meaning in a disorienting world. Cookyhunter


The article left out my vote for one of the best ever: Deadwood. Ian McShane as Al Swearingen gives us the most evil villain since Satan. The rest of the cast is peppered with expertly played misfits, perverts, eccentrics and even decent people. The language is over the top, but you get used to it. Marty Wolf


A fantastic multilayered French police and justice system drama. Combining soap-like story arcs with political intrigue, comedy, psychodrama and cliffhangers, it cast a forensic eye over the French system of law and politics and class and race and sex and morality. Brilliant. scausmaus

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