With Apple’s market share on the decline in China due to several restrictions imposed on the tech giant, diversifying its business to Indian markets seems like the next logical conclusion.

Foxconn Technology Group is reportedly gearing up to begin production of the latest iPhones in India. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will soon start manufacturing iPhone X models in India.

Foxconn, Apple’s primary global component manufacturer, will begin production of iPhone X models temporarily and could scale production in its Chennai production facility if initial trials are successful.

While Apple’s iPhones are already quite expensive, import duties in India take the asking price up by 20 to 30-percent. Take for example the budget iPhone XR, that launched for around Rs 75,000 (Approx. $1100) as compared to its $750 release price in the US. While Apple is slashing the prices of its devices, it simply isn’t enough.

The Cupertino-based tech firm currently holds less than 2-percent of share in India’s smartphone market, mainly on account of its cost-competitive market.

Apple manufactures the Apple iPhone 6 and SE in India and the new move is targeted towards eliminating import duties so as to reduces the prices of their offerings in India’s massive smartphone market.

The expansion might also include the iPhone 7 as the Indian government has approved Rs 5000-crore proposal by Wistron, to increase the capabilities of its production facilities in the country.

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