The new firm is named Crush.

Former Sony Pictures executive Nancy Tate has launched a new, boutique full-service marketing agency called Crush, she announced Tuesday.

Tate spent 20 years at Sony, rising to the position of executive vp worldwide creative content at SPE’s global content division, where she oversaw a 26-member department responsible for creating collateral marketing materials ranging from awards campaigns, VR, live stunts to television specials and co-promotions and the production of all the behind-the-scenes and original marketing content creation for Sony’s film labels as well as original marketing and promotional content for digital, media, publicity, social, PlayStation, Starz, Sony Pictures Global Television Group and Home Entertainment Divisions.

In announcing her new venture, Tate said, “The main focus and principle of Crush is to use emotion to reach and engage with audiences at every touch point and on every screen where audiences communicate today. We develop maximum impact 360 campaign strategies with our clients to reach target audiences worldwide with our mission to create excitement and infatuation with the brand we are marketing. Our specialty and our passion is to develop a comprehensive actionable content strategy across all verticals: digital, publicity and advertising — and to have that strategy move the needle in a measurable and significant way for our clients.”

Former Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal, who most recently worked with Tate on the promotion of films including Spider-Man: Homecoming, which Pascal produced, offered a statement, saying, “During the many years when I was running the studio and now as a producer, Nancy has consistently been one of the sharpest and most reliable marketing strategists I have ever worked with to create compelling and engaging content. No one can crush it like Nancy Tate and I don’t say that lightly. She is simply one of the best I have ever worked with.” 

Added director Jake Kasdan, who recently worked with Tate on the release of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: “Nancy has a unique skill set and ability to distill projects down to their best elements without giving away or sacrificing the heart and soul of the film. She was indispensable to us on Jumanji, literally producing over 600 hours of content for the entire global roll out of our film for every platform and every window.”

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