As its ‘Impossible burger’ gains ground across the US as a vegan alternative to beef, the firm behind it has revealed it hopes to soon offer a ‘vegan steak’ almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The firm last week unveiled a new version of its meatless burger, which is made using plants, including soy protein. 

CEO and founder Pat Brown revealed in an interview with The Spoon the firm has already started work on ‘whole cuts of beef,’ including steak. 

‘[Steak] has huge symbolic value,’ said Brown. 

‘If we can make an awesomely delicious world-class steak . . . that will be very disruptive not just to the beef industry, but to other sectors of the meat industry.’  

The company announced last week it now has 5,000 restaurants serving its product as it prepares to begin selling in supermarkets.  

It is among dozens of firms creating everything from egg-free eggs to insect-based dishes in a bid to cut our reliance on farmed meat.  

Impossible claims ‘using animals to make meat is a prehistoric and destructive technology.

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