Two people accused of impersonating detectives to try and break their ‘partner’ out of jail have been arrested.

Francine Olson, 22, and Brandon Reyes, 24, allegedly told staff at the sheriff’s office in DeSoto County, Florida, that they were ‘new detectives’.

Police said the pair were attempting to free their ‘partner’ George Chanza, 40, from prison.

The duo talked to staff through the jail entrance intercom and also tried to fool officers into letting them into their vehicles, according to the authorities.

But the ruse was said to have failed and deputies arrested Olson and Reyes on Monday night.

‘The two have since been reunited with their partner,’ a statement on Facebook from DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said.

Chanza was arrested on April 26 for an outstanding warrant.

Olson and Reyes were charged with false personation of a law enforcement officer.

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