A couple have hired two armed guards to protect their property after violent thugs threatened his family.   

The man named only as Frank and his partner Jade hired guards worth an eye-watering $1,000 per day, following a string of ferocious confrontations with a gang of youths outside their home in Chelsea, southeast of Melbourne.  

The armed guards, from a private security firm, are paid to stand watch outside the home and will apparently shoot ‘if they need to’.

Last month group of rowdy teenagers gathered outside Frank’s home and refused to move away when asked.  

In a bid to scare them off, Frank confronted them with a baseball bat.

But his attempts only riled the gang further, and the situation quickly took a worse turn when more youths arrived.  

It’s alleged the group threw glass bottles and furniture at Frank and his family, which resulted in Frank’s partner, Jade, getting injured. 

They also brazenly scaled the property fence and went so far as to threaten to ‘kill’ the family.   

‘They come in numbers and they’re just so angry,’ Jade toldĀ A Current Affair.

Frank said it was worth shelling out the vast amount of cash on security.   

‘Those guards are there for their [the youths] protection more than mine because if I do something stupid what happens to me?’ Frank said. 

The issues with youth crime were initially contained along the St Kilda shorefront.

But after a police presence was increased and more CCTV cameras were added in the area, the crime-spree spread up the coast to the suburb of Chelsea and surrounding areas.

Victoria Police said in a statement that members of the public are entitled to hire private security officers to monitor a private residence.

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