Incredible time-lapse footage shows a 150million-year-old dinosaur being installed at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The 13-metre-long skeleton is located in Terminal 5 and is on show before being sold by the French auction house Aguttes, where it’s expected to sell for £2million.

It will remain in the terminal’s check-in area until early June and will be seen by millions of passengers – 4.5million over the Easter period alone.

Footage taken of the skeleton’s installation shows how crews worked quickly over the course of three nights to painstakingly assemble it bone by bone.

Four cherry pickers were used so the team could place fossils at the top of the creature’s head and the tip of its tail with ease.

The skeleton has been described as completely unique as it shows significant impressions of the skin of the dinosaur.

A new scientific study has indicated it is the skeleton of a new species of dinosaur, a cousin of the diplodocus.

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