She was arguably the most controversial star of Yummy Mummies before exiting the reality series after its first season.

But now¬†Maria Di Geronimo is ‘open’ to making a comeback for the reality show’s third season, with her manager confirming that the star is currently exploring her options.

‘She’s excited about the future,’ Max Markson told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

‘In my opinion, Maria was definitely the breakout star of the show when it aired in Australia originally and again when Netflix broadcast it globally these last few weeks.’

Max then warned that without Maria, Yummy Mummies could suffer a similar fate to the sitcom Two and Half a Men after Charlie Sheen left.

‘Maria did not appear in season two and I think the commercial reality of her starring again in season three is of enormous value to the continuation of the show locally and globally into seasons four, five, and six!

‘Otherwise, it may well suffer a similar fate as Two and a Half Men did when Charlie Sheen left. Ashton Kutcher was great but everyone wanted Charlie back.’

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