They’re the self-confessed Jersey Shore lovers with a passion for gym, tanning and laundry.

So it’s no wonder MKR’s Blake, 32, and Amanda Proud, 29, have plans to star on their very own reality TV show in future.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, Blake said having their own Kardashian-style reality show would be their ‘ultimate dream’.

‘Reality TV has always been our thing. It’s funny because we get a lot of people ask us on social media, ‘You guys need your own TV show,’ and we’re like, ‘We’re trying!’ Blake said.

He went on to explain why his family would appeal to the mass market.

‘Dad is an absolute crack-up, he’s just hilarious, so having our own show it definitely something we’d go for’, he said, adding: ‘Having a reality show would be the ultimate family dream, putting all the food stuff aside, if we could do that 100%.’

Elsewhere in the interview, Blake spoke about the origin of his and Amanda’s passion for the reality TV genre.

‘Amanda started watching Jersey Shore and then we both started watching Geordie Shore. I actually owned a clothing label in Perth called Toys Collective, owned that for five years and we ended up doing appearances with Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore,’ he said.

‘I was actually up on stage with Gaz and we was wearing our clothes.’

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