Netflix teen horror series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not ideal viewing for those easily scared.

And Gavin Leatherwood, who plays warlock Nicholas Scratch on the show, admits some of the bewitching scenes were just as spooky to film.

He told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday: ‘We got pretty paranoid at one point filming the scene where we kill Agatha [played Adeline Rudolph] in the woods.’

Gavin, 23, said of the haunting scene: ‘We’re in a circle standing on a pentagram with candles lit and we’re chanting in Latin all together.

‘It’s nighttime, you’re in the woods and you’re saying some spooky spells – it’s bound to conjure up some sort of eerie feelings.’

Fortunately, using actual pagan spells didn’t cause any real-life problems for Sabrina’s cast and crew.

‘As far as anything like super far out happening, I don’t think so,’ he said. ‘It was more of our imagination getting the better of us.’

Gavin added with a laugh: ‘However, if something were to happen, I don’t think I’d be surprised at this point!’

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