Elle Fanning looked upset when she was spotted filming her upcoming movie Molly in New York on Monday.

The 20-year-old, who is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning, seemed in distress whilst in character, walking alongside a traffic jam.

She was spotted at one moment holding hands with her dashing co-star Javier Bardem as they shot a scene together during their workday.

Elle was wrapped up in a dark coat with a chic folded collar, buttoning herself into an olive green blouse and tucking the top in.

She slipped into a high-waisted pair of wide-set pants and pulled on black leather shoes, and her makeup look for the role was minimal.

Looking stricken, the The Beguiled actress was seen raising her hand as she walked past the cars, possibly in an attempt to hail a ride.

It appeared that the car she managed to beckon was a classic yellow cab, as she and Javier were spotted acting out a scene as he leaned against just such a vehicle.

A cameraman was seen standing quite close to the pair of actors with a handheld unit, as evidently a close-up was called for at that moment.

The scene looked as if it might be rather a fraught situation, as Javier wore a look of consternation and Elle was holding onto his right shoulder with both hands.

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