Vaping e-cigarettes raises the risks of having a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease, a new study finds. 

About one in 20 US adults use e-cigarettes and many of them claim to do so because they are ‘healthier’ than combustible cigarettes. 

But the devices are still relatively new and poorly understood. 

As more and more research on them comes out, it becomes increasingly clear that ‘safer’ doesn’t mean safe. 

The latest study, conducted by the American Heart Association, found that heart attacks are nearly 60 percent more common among vapers, who are at a 71 percent higher risk of stroke. 

When e-cigarettes started appearing on the shelves of smoke shops and convenience stores, they were often advertised as a cessation aid for smokers. 

But now, it’s become clear they are more likely to be an addition to, rather than substitute for, combustible cigarettes.  

The American Heart Association (AHA) study found that people who vape are twice as likely to also smoke traditional cigarettes as are those who don’t vape. 

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