Christina Milian insisted she had ‘love’ for fellow pop star Ashlee Simpson before the pair went to battle on Wednesday’s episode of Drop The Mic.

The 37-year-old singer put her feelings aside, however, as she went for the jugular with some shocking gibes aimed at 34-year-old Ashlee.

The challenge started politely, with Method Man – the co-host with Hailey Bieber – telling Ashlee and Christina of their pink pantsuits: ‘If we were battling for outfits, you both won.’

But as soon as the rapping began, Christina made it obvious her rival’s famous family – especially sister Jessica – was not safe.

‘Ash’s smarter than Jess, but still dumber than Homer,’ the Drop It Low singer rapped, insisting: ‘Your song Pieces Of Me used to be the rage. But tonight I’m leaving pieces of you on the stage.’

She then poked fun at Ashlee’s reality TV show with husband Evan Ross, Ashlee+Evan along with her sister’s old show.

‘Now you have a reality show with your hubby. You should have asked your sister how that worked out, dummy,’ she said, referring to how Jessica’s old show caught the breakdown of her marriage to Nick Lachey.

‘Are you a worse singer or actor? It’s hard to tell. You were on 7th Heaven, but your acting was hell,’ Christina continued.

‘Can’t sing, can’t dance, and now you can’t rap. And by the way, who the hell spells Ashlee like that?’

Ashlee used it for a perfect comeback, rapping: ‘Who cares that you think I spell my name wrong. I’m the only one here who’s had a hit song.’

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