Brew green tea in bottled water instead of tap water to reap its health benefits, scientists have said.

The result is a tea with almost double the amount of the antioxidants, according to a study by Cornell University.

However, if you’re drinking green tea for taste, tap water will yield the best cup, ensuring it’s not too bitter.

EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a natural antioxidants found in green tea, shown to be beneficial for the brain and heart in studies.

Celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga are said have said to use the Asian brew for weight loss, energy and stress control. 

To conduct the tests, 2.5g of green tea was weighed out into pre-warmed Gaiwan tea brewing vessel with 125ml of water at 80°C (176°F).

The green tea infusion was brewed for three minutes and then strained through a fine mesh strainer.

EGCG in the tea infusions was measured by the researchers, and around 100 tea drinkers were recruited to taste the tea.

After giving details on their normal tea drinking habits, the volunteer evaluated six cups of tea – three black, and three green.

They rated each tea sample on a scale of one to nine for how much they liked its taste and appearance.

They were also taught how to use a specific scale to measure the sweetness, bitterness, sourness and earthiness of the brews. 

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