Warwickshire Police captured the video from an unmarked car which they used to chase the vehicle in Coleshill on Saturday evening.

The arrested driver took a breathalyser test whilst in custody which read 108/100ml breath when the limit is 35.

Tomas James Cross, 25, from Birmingham was charged with driving a motor vehicle while being above the alcohol limit.

He was bailed and is due at Warwickshire Magistrates’ Court on Monday 18 February.

The police dashcam video suggests the pursued vehicle hit speeds of up to 47mph in what is believed to be a 30mph zone.

Warwickshire Police posted the video to their Twitter account and said: ‘This car was driving at speed on Saturday evening in Coleshill.

‘It was followed by an unmarked car, it lost control on a corner and hit a wall.

‘Driver arrested for providing a positive breath test. Later blew 108 at custody. The legal limit being 35.’

The video shows the unmarked police car clocking the drunk driver on its dashcam, and begins following the erratic blue car as it speeds around a roundabout.

The blue car then indicates right as it takes a turn at a junction, the car can been seen driving on the centre line of the road.

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