She’s the former Australian Idol star who criss-crosses the country to perform for her legions of fans. 

But Paulini Curuenavuli was left grounded on Sunday, after Jetstar allegedly overbooked her flight. 

The enraged pop star, 37, took to Instagram to blast the budget airline, threatening to boycott the carrier and calling out a customer service representative by name. 

Paulini began her lengthy rant by stating: ‘I think I’m just about to become an (sic) @virginaustralia girl!

‘@jetstaraustralia overbooked my flight and bumped me after their customer service Meagan made me stand in line, all the while knowing that that this line would cause me to be bumped’.

The singer then made it clear that she would never be booking a flight with Jetstar or its parent airline Qantas ever again, tartly writing: ‘Byeeee (sic)’. 

She later updated fans by letting them know that the arrival of her luggage had been delayed.  

Planes are not the only form of transport that Paulini has had issues with. 

In 2017, it was revealed that the pop sensation had clocked up 11 driving offences since she first got her learner’s licence in 2002.

She was suspended from driving, before which time she subsequently tried to bribe a government official to unlawfully obtain another driver’s licence

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