We all know the dangers of too much sun – but a study has found we may be putting ourselves at risk by failing to protect our eyelids.

Researchers discovered that vulnerable areas of skin are often missed – especially when applying moisturisers with sun protection factor (SPF) as opposed to conventional sunscreens.

This could be leaving people at risk of skin cancer, University of Liverpool academics warned.

Skin cancer is on the rise despite global initiatives to increase SPF use.

Although daytime moisturisers with added SPF are convenient, the researchers were worried these were not being applied in a way that provides ‘sufficient protection’.

They studied how 84 people – 62 women and 22 men – applied both moisturiser and sunscreen, before using an ultra-violet-sensitive camera to take images of the volunteers to show much of their face they had covered.

Seventeen per cent of the face was missed with SPF moisturiser compared with 11 per cent with sunscreen.

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