In 2010, 5.74 million people tuned in to see Adam Liaw win MasterChef, making it the most-watched non-sporting event in Australian TV history at the time.

And the 40-year-old says he doesn’t think future seasons of the blockbuster cooking show can compete with those astronomical ratings. 

In an interview with The Weekend Australian Magazine on Saturday, the chef humorously stated: ‘Given the change in viewing patterns since then, I doubt it’ll (the ratings) ever be eclipsed unless aliens land!’ 

It’s unclear whether Adam’s comment was a subtle dig at the franchise.

It’s also unclear whether he was talking about the change in viewing patterns in relation to MasterChef or in television more broadly. 

Last year’s season finale of MasterChef garnered 1.85 million viewers – less than a third of the the number who tuned in to see Adam claim victory back in 2010. 

However, given that TV ratings have dramatically dropped in recent years, Channel Ten were thrilled with that result. 

Network Ten chief content officer Beverly McGarvery  told Mumbrella after the finale: ‘In its 10th year, MasterChef continues to resonate strongly with households across the country and remains one of the most iconic and loved shows on Australian television.’ 

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