Actor finds out about devout ancestor in Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family on BBC One

In the last 12 months Danny Dyer has called David Cameron a “twat” on live television, watched his daughter win Love Island and delivered Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message.

Now there may be a simple explanation for the actor’s elevation to national treasure status: he is the descendant of a saint.

The EastEnders actor made the discovery while filming Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, which airs on 23 January on BBC One.

Among other revelations, the actor is told that his 26th great-grandfather is the French King Louis IX, a devout religious leader who died in 1270 and was later canonised as Saint Louis.

Dr Emily Guerry, a medieval historian, told Dyer that his distant ancestor at one point wore the robes of a humble monk to lead a procession through Paris honouring the arrival of a religious relic purported to be the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ at his crucifixion.

To commemorate his ancestor’s actions, Dyer recreated the walk through the French capital barefoot.

The actor, who has previously established a blood connection to the English rulers William the Conqueror and Edward III, said he was impressed to discover his new relation. “I can be told all sorts of information but to actually walk in King Louis IX’s footsteps, to think that he did this as a king, I admire him because he does exactly as he preaches and is showing everybody. He walked for six miles barefoot, in pain, and that you’ve got to respect. Considering the money and power he had and the life he could have lived, I think it’s very brave. Bless him.”

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